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The Role of Hair-Texture in Haircoloring

In today's haircolor lesson I want to talk about the role that Hair-Texture plays during the haircoloring process.
When we Color or Bleach hair, there are always three elements that we must consider and work with in order to achieve a good hair
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The 4 Main Types of Haircolor


In today’s haircolor lesson I want to talk about the 4 Main Types of Haircolor. What they are and when to use each one.

I say MAIN types because these are the main ones that we use in the salon every day.

There are other more obscure types of hairco

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One of the greatest things about this business is that to a large degree, you are in charge of your own income.

I have never heard of a salon owner saying: “No, you can’t do any more customers this week,” or “Do not hand out any more of your busin

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